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Since 1991, Metropolitan Technologies has been a Voice Messaging Service bureau providing a variety of business services through the use of touch-tone telephones. These services include a blend of Voice Mail, Voice Messaging, Outdialing Notification, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Audiotext.

The company, known as Metrotec, currently markets its services to public/private schools, political campaigns, emergency notification managers, membership organizations, and religious institutions.

Voice Mail fills the business needs of individuals in organizations who have a need to communicate regularly, but are too often away from their offices or otherwise unreachable. It is a computerized system, which permits users to deposit and retrieve messages to each other by dialing the telephone number of the host computer, and entering the appropriate touch-tone codes. Participating users may direct messages to an individual or to an entire group with one call.

Voice Messaging (audiotext) is an inbound system, which permits the user to pre-record announcements, which callers may access by dialing the appropriate telephone number. Callers need not be participating users of the system. Typically, callers are guided through a series of menus or choices to listen to announcements of interest. These callers may leave messages, but cannot receive messages.

Outdialing Notification systems and services permit computerized dialing of selected telephone numbers, then when answered plays a pre-recorded message. Such messages may or may not include a voice or digit response from the called party.

Interactive Voice Response permits an individual to communicate with a computer by voice or tone digits. Questionnaires are an example of this service.

Metrotec, headquartered in Charleston, SC, is associated with a wide range of experienced professionals and employs state-of-the art solutions to the changing needs of its markets.

Mr. Victor A. Owens is President and handles each account personally.


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